5 YouTube Channels You’ve Got to See

YouTube is a website with thousands of different channels on it. It’s difficult to decide which ones are really worth your time watching. Here is a list of some of the best YouTube channels out there right now.

1.    Binging with Babish

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You never get a look at the chef’s face in this video series, but the man behind Binging with Babish has taken the cooking show into a whole other dimension. With a mixture of pop culture references, you’ll learn how to cook everything you never knew you wanted to know how to cook. Want to eat the Dothraki blood pie? How about Monica from Friends’ Thanksgiving sandwich? It’s all here for your viewing pleasure.

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2.    Fitness Blender

Husband and wife team Daniel and Kelli Segars have accrued more than 4.3 million subscribers to their channel over the past seven years. They provide workout videos ranging in time of 40 minutes to just five minutes. They require little to no equipment and help give you the best workout for your schedule.

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3.    Thomas Heaton

There are hundreds of photography tutorials on YouTube. What sets Thomas apart is not only his talent, but his demeanor. While many photographers can come off as arrogant and snobby, Thomas has an affable demeanor that you can’t help but love. With his exotic locations, his channel sometimes seems like a travel vlog with photography tips on the side.

4.    Screen Junkies

If you love movies, you’ll love Screen Junkies. Best known for their Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies takes on Hollywood with its own special brand of humor and intelligence. Not only do they satirize and criticize some of your most beloved films, but they also have video series that reimagine worlds and ask “Who would win in this fight?”

5.    Apartment Therapy

Through the magic of editing and research, Apartment Therapy provides quick, one-minute videos to help you spruce up your décor. They offer stylish solutions to drab decorating as well as do it yourself projects that can be done on a budget.